[rabbitmq-discuss] Routing Topologies - Multiple Queues vs One Queue

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri Dec 7 10:41:53 GMT 2012

Hi Adam,

On 07/12/12 01:20, Adam Venturella wrote:
> is it better to have N queues
> with 1 routing key per queue:

>  Is it better to have 1 queue with N routing keys.

These choices produce different results.

In the first case (N queues) messages are in different queues based on
routing key, while in the second case (N routing keys) all messages end
up in the same queue.

The choice would depend on whether any consumer can process any message.
If it is more convenient to have separate queues of messages with the
same routing  key then use the first option. If consumers are able to
process message regardless of routing key then the second option can work.

On multi-core systems the broker might be able to spread the load more
evenly across cores if you have more queues rather than one. You might
also see better throughput if you had more queues.


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