[rabbitmq-discuss] stomp fanout exchange

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Thu Dec 6 10:30:15 GMT 2012

Hi Javier,

On 05/12/12 13:35, Javier Marcon wrote:
> Hello I'm using rabbitmq 2.8.7 in Windows and I use the perl stomp
> clientto comunicate with rabbitmq, and it work perfectly. Now I need to
> make a new queue but I need it to be a fanout exchange. Does anybody
> know how to make a fanout exchange with Stomp::Client perl plugin?

STOMP does not define a standard way of declaring destinations and the
RabbitMQ STOMP adapter does not offer a way of declaring exchanges. It
is possible to make use of a pre-existing exchange if you use the
"/exchange" prefix, or a pre-existing queue with the "/amq/queue"
prefix. Queues will be created for you if you use the "/queue" prefix.

See http://www.rabbitmq.com/stomp.html for details.


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