[rabbitmq-discuss] SOA Versioning

Steven Taylor taylste at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 20:29:03 GMT 2012


just thinking about version control in SOA at the moment + trying to
navigate the ideas of immutability, granularity, and a patterns like
WebSphere Service Registry and Repository.  Judging by the reading material
I've turned up, it's turning out to be quite a big topic.

Are you aware of any good lightweight techniques, rules of thumb, or open
source projects that try to tackle this problem?

To borrow from OO, at the moment I'm leaning in favour of coarse grained
control that is class based, not method or message based.  I'm open to
ideas though.

Assumptions: a flexible serialization technique is being used such as XML.

(for other inflexible formats, perhaps Rabbit header information can be
tweaked appropriately.  Lets ignore this for the moment though).

Do you give this kind of thing much consideration?

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