[rabbitmq-discuss] .NET client: intermittent AlreadyClosedException - connected host has failed to respond

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Mon Dec 3 10:10:34 GMT 2012

Hi Andrei,

On 29/11/12 18:15, Andrei Volkov wrote:
> It looks like a TCP port exhaustion on the client side.
> What happens is, unlike our main app, our healthcheck page opens (and
> closes) a new connection every time it is hit. The healthcheck page is
> hit every 5 seconds. By default on Windows the ephemeral TCP port can't
> be reused until after 240 seconds after it's closed. Hence the port
> exhaustion.

That explanation would work if there were only 48 ports available in the 
ephemeral range. By default there are many more, so I would be surprised 
if this was the cause.


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