[rabbitmq-discuss] Bug Report: Can't view queues and exchanges in Management UI on with Rabbitmq 3.0.0 when a specific vhost is selected in the upper left.

Matt Campbell matt at soupmatt.com
Sat Dec 1 19:26:43 GMT 2012

Rabbitmq 3.0.0 installed via homebrew on Mac OS X 10.8.2
Erlang R15B03 installed via homebrew on Mac OS X 10.8.2
Browsers tested in: Chrome 23, Safari 6.0.2, Firefox 17.0.1

When you have a vhost selected in the top left corner of the Web UI screen, 
you cannot view the detail pages for exchanges or queues. If you set the 
vhost dropdown to all, it works just fine. Looking in the web console, it 
looks like the xhr the UI is making to the http api have the vhost name 
appended to the end of the url. For example, when trying to load the detail 
screen for a queue, it is calling /api/queues/my-vhost/my-queue/my-vhost. 
This behavior was present in Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
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