[rabbitmq-discuss] PossibleAuthenticationFailureError

Paul Cowan dagda1 at scotalt.net
Mon Oct 31 21:21:26 GMT 2011


I am trying to connect to my local rabbitmq-server with the following code:

          AMQP.start(:host => "localhost") do |connection|

I get the following error when I use the default parameters of
username=guest and password=guest.

Below is the full exception:

AMQP::PossibleAuthenticationFailureError: AMQP broker closed TCP connection
before authentication succeeded: this usually means authentication failure
due to misconfiguration. Settings are {:host=>"localhost", :port=>5672,
:user=>"guest", :pass=>"guest", :vhost=>"/", :timeout=>nil,
:logging=>false, :ssl=>false, :broker=>nil, :frame_max=>131072

Do I need to add this guest account to the local rabbitmq-server?




Paul Cowan

Cutting-Edge Solutions (Scotland)

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