[rabbitmq-discuss] Clustered queues and bindings dropped when sending large messages

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Thu Oct 27 08:07:36 BST 2011


On 25/10/11 11:54, Irmo Manie wrote:
> It does take more than 60 seconds yes.
> For testing we use some remote virtual machines which are a bit
> sluggish (read: horribly slow) on the I/O.
> But the nodes already get partitioned in about 15-20 seconds which
> doesn't really match the default earliest possibility of 45 seconds.

Depends on when the last tick was sent, e.g. it may have been sent 30 
seconds before the large message is sent.

describes the issue.

> Next to this, there is no way that the cluster will try to
> re-partition after such incident?

It should join up again when one node attempts to talk to the other. Not 
sure what would trigger that in rabbit; queue/exchange/binding 
creation/deletion perhaps (due to the mnesia synchronisation that needs 
to happen as part of that).



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