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Jerry Kuch jerryk at vmware.com
Wed Oct 19 19:24:07 BST 2011

Rabbit's generally pretty smart (at least with upgrades between modern
versions) about migrating over and updating Mnesia contents and the
like.  What probably happened with the RPM upgrade is that the RPM
install process blew away the directories where that stuff lives.

I think one could make note of where all that stuff is, move it aside 
for safekeeping before doing the RPM upgrade/install, and then move it
back, and allow the broker to up-version the stuff at its next start up.
Rabbit's logic for doing the right thing is fairly sophisticated and I'd
think it should work in that scenario, although I've not tried it

Somebody else on the Rabbit team with more day to day experience on that
stuff is likely able to comment more authoritatively, or at least refute
what I just said if it's obviously wrongheaded...?

Best regards,

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Is there a nice simple way to upgrade rabbitMQ and have all of the
queues. exchanges, and users ported over?

I just upgraded on our test servers using the noarch RPM on Oracle
Enterprise Linux and noticed that all of the users, queues, and
exchanges  are now gone.

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