[rabbitmq-discuss] Highest Reliability simple publish to a queue

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Wed Oct 19 11:44:28 BST 2011

Thanks Simone, I found some good info on the link you provided which was
it describes the use of WaitForConfirms() but I cannot see any explanation
of WaitForConfirmsOrDie() anywhere. I have checked the .Net API doc, .Net
Client Library User Guide and the archives of this email list.


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Thanks Simone, Which of my six questions do you think I can find the answer
for in the archives, I am not finding the answers I am after.
If anyone else can have a quick look at my questions it would be much
appreciated, I am a new comer to RMQ and I think my questions may be simple
for anyone with some experience.

Our requirement is to reliably persist the web service payload into a RMQ as
per the "Responsibility Transfer" pattern on page 21 of the RabbitMQ .Net
Client Library User Guide. I have implemented the options as described in
that section, I am just checking if there is anything else I need.

The lack of any documentation on WaitForConfirmsOrDie() bothers me,
currently I am assuming that it blocks program execution until all
confirm/nack/ack/reply due to the Model/Channel.ConfirmSelect are received.
But I can not find this documented anywhere. I mean, is that what it does,
how long does it wait before the "Die" and what happens when it "Dies" etc.

On Oct 19, 6:35 am, Simone Busoli <simone.bus... at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Mike, this has been asked several times on the list recently, I 
> think you will find your answer by searching the archives.
> By the way, I am curious why you want to do everything synchronously 
> as you wouldn't need Rabbit for that.
> On Oct 18, 2011 4:32 PM, "Matt G" <mattgur... at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have a simple scenario where a web service will receive a http 
> > request and I would like to insert the request into a queue, and be 
> > sure the message has arrived on the queue before synchronously 
> > responding to the http request.
> > Ideally I would like RMQ to "guarantee" that the message has been 
> > delivered to the queue. I have been using IBM MQ and TIBCO EMS (JMS
> > implementation) for many years, but I am new to RMQ.
> > Performance is not an issue, the volume will not be an issue.
> > I am using c# with latest AMQ versions on Windows and Linux.
> > So far it appears to me that I should use the following, can you 
> > review my list and edit as necessary:
> > Durable exchange
> > ExchangeType.Direct
> > Durable queue
> > Persistent message (Delivery Mode = 2) Mandatory message 
> > Model/Channel.ConfirmSelect &  Model.WaitForConfirmsOrDie();
> > I also setup event handlers BasicAcks, BasicNacks & BasicReturn.
> > If for testing purposes I unbind the queue from the exchange, and 
> > send a single message,  I get a BasicAck and a BasicReturn(NO_ROUTE) 
> > back, however the Model.WaitForConfirmsOrDie() returns without 
> > error. This seems inconsistent in that my message has been lost as 
> > there is no queue bound to the exchange and I have specified 
> > mandatory and every persistent option I can find. Is this correct, 
> > or am I doing something wrong? Do I need to do/check both 
> > (WaitForConfirms & BasicReturn event
> > msg) to be sure the message was successfully delivered to the queue?
> > Where is the documentation for API calls which are not documented in 
> > the API doc, an example is WaitForConfirmsOrDie, but there are many 
> > others?
> > I read one of the other posts directing people away from 
> > transactions and towards the Model/Channel.ConfirmSelect &
> > Model.WaitForConfirmsOrDie() model, so I have not investigated 
> > transactions.
> > What about connection heart beating? I know from my experience with 
> > other products HB's are good way to keep the client and server 
> > in-sync and aware if the other party has gone off line. Should I 
> > overwrite the default which appears to be no heartbeats?
> > I am not currently using any of the helper/pattern classes, would 
> > one of those be suitable for my requirements for high reliability.
> > Thanks,
> > Matt.
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