[rabbitmq-discuss] Weird compile error on latest 2.6.1 code

Jon Brisbin jon at jbrisbin.com
Mon Oct 17 15:05:17 BST 2011

I updated my rebar-ized fork of the erlang client and rabbit_common dependencies to 2.6.1. When I compile the amqp_client by itself, it compiles okay (well, I get one warning). But when I include that in another project and compile it, I get some errors that seem to indicate multiple inclusion: 


So why don't I get these errors when compiling this module by itself, and what order do I need to compile things in to make this go away? 

Here's the projects I'm referring to: 

(the project these errors come from): 

(the rebar-ized fork of amqp_client and rabbit_common that compiles okay on its own): 


Jon Brisbin 

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