[rabbitmq-discuss] clustering behind a firewall

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Mon Oct 17 09:59:28 BST 2011

Hi Kyle,

On 15/10/11 17:07, Kyle O'Donnell wrote:
> 10:34:38.024623 IP node2.33420 > node1.4369:

> 10:34:38.026622 IP node2.45073 > node1.58000:

> I see the attempt on port 58000 (as specified), but I also see ports
> in the 30000 range.  I've restarted rabbit on both nodes and find
> that that the 30000 is a randomized port (I've seen it in the
> 30000,40000,50000, and 60000 range).
> Is that normal?

Random source ports are normal. From your trace 33420 and 45073 were
allocated from the ephemeral port range. They should be allowed if your
firewall allows established connections. Different operating systems use
different ephemeral port ranges and the range might be configurable.

You may also find this useful:


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