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Wed Oct 12 11:11:08 BST 2011


I need to implement an ACTIVE/ACTIVE system based on Messaging that is able to survive to network failures over a WAN.

The idea is to use RabbitMQ locally (at data center level) looking for a framework to load balance messages to every sites (data centers) that are geo-delocalized across a WAN (200km and more distant) and to automatically manage failovers and group memberships.

I supposed initially to use the last version of RabbitMQ that supports mirrored queues but I've been noticed that this solution is really aimed at providing HA within the same data-center where network splits are rarer and latencies are lower.

Finally I've been noticed of Shovel plug-in, a RabbitMQ plug-in that seems to be able to manage load balancing with RabbitMQ across a WAN.
This solution seems to be the answer to all my questions. Is there something I am missing? So the question is:

Is message acknowledge/delivery guaranteed using Shovel and RabbitMQ across a WAN where we can face network disconnection issues?

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