[rabbitmq-discuss] SSL support

Pascal Pochet p3consulting at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 15:19:56 BST 2011

After some time trying why the explanations at http://www.rabbitmq.com/ssl.html
didn't work for me without any error message, just the 

started SSL Listener on …:5671

never appearing in the log, 

I eventually discovered that the working syntax for the 
ssl_listeners in rabbitmq.config is the one specifying the interface explicitly:

                {ssl_listeners, [{"", 5671}] },

and not

                {ssl_listeners, [5671] },

Env. : OpenSuse LE 11.3 (in VM under OS X 10.6)

Could be useful to update the documentation:

"Some Linux config may require the interface to be explicitly specified".

("Why" is still an opened question, if somebody knows…)

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