[rabbitmq-discuss] Query for Binding with similar topic routing keys returns all similar vs the one matching

Helena Edelson hedelson at vmware.com
Sat Oct 8 16:55:24 BST 2011


/api/bindings/vhost/e/exchange/q/queue/props  	An individual binding between an exchange and a queue. 

I find that if I create multiple bindings of different but similar patterns between Q1 and E1, say foo.bar.* and #.bar.*, that when querying the broker via http mgmt api to GET one binding between Q1 and E1 where the pattern I pass in is foo.bar.*, that I get 2 bindings back vs one, foo.bar.* and #.bar.*, which makes sense but it would be nice if the mgmt api returned only the one I requested, i.e. the binding foo.bar.* 

Bug? or am I misinterpreting?


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