[rabbitmq-discuss] Are publisher confirms at all aware of HA (replicated) durable queues?

Steve Rehrauer steve.rehrauer at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 18:05:11 BST 2011

If I'm asking the broker for publisher confirms, and I have a cluster
of nodes, and I have durable queues that are replicated (x-ha-policy:
"all"), does the broker send the confirm as soon as a message is
persisted in the queues of the master node?  It doesn't wait for those
queues to be replicated to the slaves?

Is there a mechanism, or any there any plans to add one, to ask the
broker to wait until replication has happened, to at least one slave
if not to all of them?  (I'm thinking of Apache Cassandra's
client-selectable consistency levels here, where I could ask that a
write return as soon as any single node persisted it, or wait for a
quorum, or for all.)

Thanks, --Steve

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