[rabbitmq-discuss] FW: rabbit upgrade - liftweb amqp problems

Jason Klassen Jason.Klassen at protegra.com
Wed Jun 29 16:45:58 BST 2011

We've been using the package net.liftweb.amqp from the lift framework in our project.  I've  done the upgrade from the 1.4 rabbit java client to the 2.5.1 client and understandably now the lift package generates a lot of compiler errors.  Primarily we use JSONAMQPSender and JSONAMQPDispatcher from lift.  Near as I can tell the latest net.liftweb.amqp package of 2.4-M2 only has a dependency to the rabbit 1.7.2 client.

Does anyone know of a lift framework version with amqp that I can use with the rabbit 2.5.1 java client?  Any alternate suggestions to lift?

Jason Klassen

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