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Greg Swallow gswallow at exacttarget.com
Wed Jun 29 15:28:35 BST 2011


I brought this up on IRC, and was asked to bring it up on the mailing list.  I have written a pedestrian little cookbook for chef that installs RabbitMQ plugins.  It does something like this:

node[:rabbitmq_plugins][:plugin_list].each do |plugin|
  remote_file "#{plugin}" do
    source ( "#{node[:rabbitmq_plugins][:remote_file_uri]}" + "#{plugin}" + "-" + "#{node[:rabbitmq][:version]}" + ".ez" )
    path ( "#{node[:rabbitmq][:prefixdir]}" + "/plugins/" + "#{plugin}" + "-" + "#{node[:rabbitmq][:version]}" + ".ez" )
    backup false
    owner "rabbitmq"
    group "rabbitmq"
    action :create_if_missing
    notifies :restart, "service[rabbitmq-server]"

where the remote_file_uri is http://www.rabbitmq.com/releases/plugins/v2.5.0/ and the plugin name is expected to be plugin-2.5.0.ez.

The first plugin I try to install is mochiweb.  It fails because the mochiweb plugin is named mochiweb-1.3-rmq2.5.0-git9a53dbd.ez<http://www.rabbitmq.com/releases/plugins/v2.5.0/mochiweb-1.3-rmq2.5.0-git9a53dbd.ez>.

I can modify my cookbook to store plugins and their filenames as a hash.  However, could you guys consider creating predictable plugin filenames in the future?

Thanks, and please send cc: me with any feedback.  I don't subscribe to the list.

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