[rabbitmq-discuss] Send message from erlang client problem

Alexander Kuleshov kuleshovmail at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 14:57:41 BST 2011


I try to send messsage to rabbitmq-server:

send_message(Channel, Host, Password, Message) ->
    % TODO maybe change routing_key on sit_in_reply
    amqp_channel:cast(Channel, #'basic.publish'{exchange = <<"">>},
routing_key = <<"test">>,
		      #amqp_msg{payload = Message}).

But get error:

Error in process <0.431.0> with exit value:
{function_clause,[{gen_server,cast, [2,{cast,{'basic.publish',0,<<0
bytes>>,<<7 bytes>>,false,false},

How can i fix it? How can i correctly send message to rabbitmq-server?

Thank you.

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