[rabbitmq-discuss] Feedback on STOMP changes

Rob Harrop rob at rabbitmq.com
Fri Jun 24 14:33:48 BST 2011


We're thinking of making some changes to the STOMP adapter and would 
like to get some feedback before we do.


We're making these changes to support two main use cases:

* SUBSCRIBE and SEND to queues created outside of STOMP with arbitrary 
queue properties (durable, auto-delete, x-message-ttl etc.)

* Allow STOMP clients to create queues with arbitrary queue properties

Proposed Changes

Currently, the STOMP adapter automatically creates the necessary queues 
when issuing SEND and SUBSCRIBE frames. Queues are created with a 
hard-coded set of properties that depends on the destination type.

Change 1: Allow extra headers on SUBSCRIBE to control queue properties

We'll add support for durable, exclusive, auto-delete and everything 
else as headers on the SUBSCRIBE frame.

Change 2: Stop creating queues on SEND

Because queue.declare requires queue attributes to be semantically 
equivalent, issuing a queue.declare on SEND means that each SEND frame 
would also need to carry the queue attributes in the header


+ Support for all queue attributes
+ Subscribe and send to existing queues
+ Improved SEND performance (no need to ensure queues exist)
- Need to issue a SUBSCRIBE to ensure queues exist

Please give any feedback you have.



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