[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq-lvc-plugin broken with 2.5.0 release

Fabio Margarido fabiomargarido at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 20:05:34 BST 2011

On Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 06:10, Michael Bridgen <mikeb at rabbitmq.com> wrote:
> I've updated it. There were yet more changes to how exchange type callbacks
> are called, a change to a record definition (basic_message), the boot
> sequence, and a different plugin build system.  Just about the only thing
> that hasn't changed is the name!  Oh actually no that had to change too.

Thank you very much. It's working now.
 A little bit off topic: any news on whether this type of non-pure AMQP
scenario will be more officially supported by RabbitMQ? It seems there was a
productive discussion on the list some time ago but it stopped.
Best regards.
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