[rabbitmq-discuss] Configuration documentation

Michael Klishin michael.s.klishin at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 12:03:18 BST 2011

Busoli, Simone escribió:
> I realize this has been asked in the past but I think reference documentation for the configuration file is needed and would be a big selling point for RabbitMQ. Currently there doesn’t seem to be any place where to find even unofficial guidance.
> Are there any plans to add that to the official documentation?
I have to add that configuration documentation page right now references OTP documentation page. No matter how good OTP documentation is, that's not enough:

* It doesn't explain what configuration parameters RabbitMQ recognizes
* It doesn't provide any examples (OTP documentation is heavily skewed towards experienced engineers, in my opinion)

I hear questions like "how do I configure hostname" and similar ones over and over. I think it is very worth to document things like this well (or make them easy to find if they are
already documented).

I don't know how feasible is the idea of putting documentation that is up on rabbitmq.com into Hg repositories or on github, but at times I felt like "man, I wish I could just clone that
and send a pull request/patch".


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