[rabbitmq-discuss] message rates moving averages

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Wed Jun 8 17:54:41 BST 2011

On 03/06/11 15:11, Dave Greggory wrote:
> +1 for this feature request.
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> *From:* Sébastien Rainville <sebastien at hopper.travel>
> *To:* rabbitmq-discuss at lists.rabbitmq.com
> *Sent:* Fri, June 3, 2011 8:59:51 AM
> *Subject:* Re: [rabbitmq-discuss] message rates moving averages
> Thanks! I'll change it in the code directly for now, but yes simply
> making it configurable would be great. Since it seems fairly simple, any
> chance that thing can go up in the priority queue?

We've filed a bug for it. You are right that it's comparatively little 
work, but it's still competing for attention which lots of other items.


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