[rabbitmq-discuss] Ruby AMQP gem 0.8.0.rc13 is released

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Sat Jun 4 19:26:34 BST 2011


it's great to see development of the amqp gem proceeding apace. There 
was one thing that caught my eye in the list of changes...

On 04/06/11 19:11, Michael Klishin wrote:
>   * When declaring a server-named queue, AMQP::Queue will now better
> check that
>     arguments actually make sense (for example, :nowait doesn't make sense
>     because we need to receive generated name from the broker).

In protocol terms it actually *can* make sense to declare a server-named 
queue with 'nowait'. That's because AMQP has a little known feature: 
blank queue name in commands are substituted with the name of the most 
recently declared queue. Hence it is possible to, say, declare a 
server-named queue with 'nowait' and then bind it and consume from it.



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