[rabbitmq-discuss] Database Corruption Possibilities

Ozan Seymen Ozan.Seymen at tdpg.com
Fri Jun 3 12:21:07 BST 2011

Hi all,

Can someone please explain the scenarios where we might have Rabbit message storage (is it mnesia?) corrupted in a way that it is not recoverable?

In the solution I am working on, I simply cannot afford to lose any messages. In order to secure this, I will:

*         Rely on publisher confirms. This should ensure that broker will always confirm whether it assumed responsibility and persisted the message.

*         Implement durable queues/exchanges.

*         Ack enabled in consumers to prevent losing messages if consumer dies halfway. I will solve the ordering problem on the consumer side.

Even though all of these above prevent message loss in normal conditions, none of them covers the case where data gets corrupted in the broker. There is a window (albeit small) that things might go wrong: broker assumes responsibility (message is in the disk) and before message is sent to the consumer, broker experiences problems which corrupts the storage. If I can't bring the broker up with all data previously persisted, I've lost messages - producer forgot about the message as broker accepts responsibility and consumers have no idea about the message as it hasn't been delivered to it.

Am I a total paranoid that is beyond help? Even so, I would really appreciate any info you guys can share.


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