[rabbitmq-discuss] 2 services on one machine

Rajarshi Chakravarty rajc at myquu.com
Fri Jun 3 07:40:14 BST 2011

Thank you, Emile.
Your mail makes me ask another question.
I have Erlang ver. 13B03. This came with the Rabbit 1.7.2 windows bundle.
Won't this work with RabbitMQ 2.4?


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Hi Raj,

On 28/05/11 09:29, Rajarshi Chakravarty wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an old version(1.7.2) of RabbitMQ running as a service on my
> machine.

You should consider upgrading.

> I want to keep that as well as run the latest version as a service
> too.
> Please tell how to make that happen.
> I guess the rabbitmq-service.bat file will have to be changed.

This is possible, but it's easier to do by setting environment variables 
rather than editing the .bat files. You will need to make sure that at 
least the  service name (RABBITMQ_SERVICENAME) node name 
(RABBITMQ_NODENAME) and port (RABBITMQ_NODE_PORT) are set to values that 
are different from the existing service. The hidden 
"rabbitmq-service.bat list" command can help you make sure the values 
are all different.

Version 1.7.2 is very old. In fact it is so old that recent (R14B0*) 
versions of Erlang are no longer compatible with the compiled .beam 
format, so you will need to install the version 1.7.2 service to use an 
old enough version of Erlang. The two rabbit services do not need to be 
running on the same version of Erlang.


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