[rabbitmq-discuss] message rates moving averages

Sébastien Rainville sebastien at hopper.travel
Fri Jun 3 01:33:20 BST 2011


I installed the management plugin to monitor the message rates but I have
trouble getting it to show accurate rates. Most of the time it shows that
it's receiving messages at a rate of 0 msg/s but I know that in reality I'm
getting messages at a rate of about 25 msg/s because I added some metrics in
my consumer code. The problem is that I'm receiving bursts of messages so
it's true that most of the time the instant rate is 0 msg/s, but on average
it's about 25 msg/s. I'm now adding more queues, things start to be a bit
more complex, including multiple shovels, and I'd really like to have
rabbitmq giving the real stats to have greater visibility on the traffic of

Is there a way to have a moving average of the rate that is greater than
what it is now, something like the load 1, 5 and 15 in linux? I looked at
configuration options but didn't find any for that... (btw, unless I missed
something, rabbitmq configuration is really obscure)

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