[rabbitmq-discuss] Document HTTP API responses?

Brian K. Jones bkjones at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 21:35:07 BST 2011


I'm testing a Python module that provides an easy way to work with the RabbitMQ Management HTTP API. I'm testing against various different broker instances, and I'm finding that, although they're the same version, there are apparently circumstances that exist which make the same call return different collections of attributes across different servers. For example, some hosts' 'overview' have a 'listeners' attribute while others don't. For queues, some have a 'node' attribute (iirc), and others don't. I imagine there are more of these situations, and I'm wondering if these conditions are documented anywhere? This would obviously be useful to those writing any code against the API as well, not just module authors (think of the poor ops folks writing nagios checks!). :) 

If the expectation is that servers with the same versions of the server and management software return the same exact attributes given the same exact calls, then let me know and I'll document these issues more thoroughly & update this thread (unless there's a public bug tracker?)


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