[rabbitmq-discuss] duplicate 'messages' queue attribute in HTTP API JSON response?

Brian K. Jones bkjones at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 15:21:04 BST 2011

Hi all, 

I'm running RabbitMQ w/ the mgmt plugin and I discovered while using the HTTP API that when I ask for /api/queues, the JSON response is a list of JSON objects that each have *two* instances of the "messages" attribute. Is this a bug? If so, is it fixed somewhere already? Is there any reason for the code I'm writing not to throw away the duplicate? I did a quick test and published a message that went to one of the queues, and confirmed that both instances of "messages" has the same value whether there are messages in the queue or not. 

I'm using v. 2.4.1 on a mac, if it helps. :) 


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