[rabbitmq-discuss] Python amqplib 1.0.0

Barry Pederson bp at barryp.org
Thu Jul 28 06:43:19 BST 2011

To celebrate OSCON 2011 which I am attending for the first time, I thought I'd wrap up the Python amqplib library a bit and consider it more-or-less finished for what it is (a simple blocking 0-8 client), and call it 1.0.0   You can find it on the web here:


For people who haven't moved on to Pika or Haigha, it's definitely a worthwhile upgrade in that it's significantly faster than amqplib  0.6.1, and has a fair number of bug fixes.  Also noteworthy are support for Python 3.x (via 2to3) and IPv6


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