[rabbitmq-discuss] Installation Trouble on Windows - "The handle is invalid"

Christopher Moloney cmoloney at vt.edu
Wed Jul 27 01:16:54 BST 2011


I am new to rabbitmq and these sorts of messaging services. I am having
trouble installing RabbitMQ on window7. I would like to use it in
conjunction with django-celery to manage a task queue.

I looked around the archives but I didn’t see anything that offered a
solution to my problem.

Here is a summary of what I have done thus far. First I installed erlang
5.8.4 and rabbitmq 2.5.1 and followed the procedure on the windows install
page. Everything seemed to go well, however when I tried to run the server
it continually returned node down. In the hello world example using pika I
got the message that the connection was actively refused by the machine. So
first I checked my firewall to make sure port 5672 was open. Then, I made
sure my C:/Windows .erlang.cookie matched the on in my user directory.

Starting the server I would get a boot error that was not very descriptive:
error, badmatch error.

So I decided to try to uninstall and run the prepackaged windows binaries.
Well then there was a windows service error mismatch because I had installed
erlang 5.8.4 and the windows binaries used 5.8.3.  The windows service was
point to the wrong directory. Service.msc does not allow you to edit the
path. I used the SC DELETE command at the terminal to remove the RabbitMQ
service imaging that a fresh install would replace the service value with
the correct location.

Since then I have not been able to add the service back. When I attempt to
run ‘rabbitmq-service install’ get the message: Warning, could not set
correct service description (comment) Error: The handle is invalid.

The same message comes up when I run any of the commands. I have tried to
wipe all traces of erlang and rabbit from my machine to start again, but it
has not been possible. I would really like to resolve this matter and get
the messaging server up and running.

Any suggestions? I appreciate any assistance.


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