[rabbitmq-discuss] Slow shutdown issue

Raymond Murthi rmurthi at gilt.com
Thu Jul 21 20:18:11 BST 2011


I am pretty new on RabbitMQ and I am trying to do a stress test on RabbitMQ (v. 2.5.1) using the following properties: 1kb persistent message, nondurable queue, and without any ready consumer (that is, just writing to the queue). However, every time I overload the RAM (13.7GB high watermark) and force RabbitMQ to write to disk, I always experience a very long wait time whenever I want to shutdown the server/stopping the app/purging the queue. The wait time could be over an hour depending on the number of messages I sent (I sent over 5 millions messages). I  also notice that RabbitMQ tries to dump the messages from the memory to the disk (under /msg_store_transient) - since nothing is consumed. 

Is it a common behavior? I read the documentation and it looks like it is (but isn't it too long?). How to kill the process immediately? And why are messages stored under /msg_store_transient instead of /msg_store_persistent? What  is the difference between the two directories? I would like to understand on the memory/disk usage and how messages are stored.


Thanks a lot!  

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