[rabbitmq-discuss] Management plugin crash server at startup

Julien Banchet jaxx at jaxx.org
Tue Jul 19 14:56:17 BST 2011

Le 19 juil. 2011 à 07:58, Simon MacMullen a écrit :

> On 18/07/11 23:28, Julien Banchet wrote:
>>>> I am ready to help as much as possible, and since the VM is empty, I
>>>> could even give access to it if needed
> Yeah, it may come to that. I'm afraid none of the logs say anything useful. I'll send you an ssh key via private mail if you don't mind.

catted to authorized_keys everywhere needed :-)

>> Nothing special otherwise, debian amd64 netinstall, selected
>> only SSH server (the damn thing still puts Exim as an MTA, yuk :-) ),
>> added "deb http://www.rabbitmq.com/debian/ testing main" to the
>> sources, updated apt, install rabbitmq-server, wget'd the 6 plugin
>> files, restarted, et voilà :-(
> I've replicated this as best I can (VMware / Debian 6 / amd64 / minimal debs / 2 networks), no dice.

I possibly messed up somehow then, but innocently enough to declare this "unclear" then; you'll probably understand the guts of Erlang and the management plugin better than me though... 

(btw, replaced it with the "visualizer" version I saw on the mailing list, same result, it dies the same way)



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