[rabbitmq-discuss] Management plugin crash server at startup

Julien Banchet jaxx at jaxx.org
Mon Jul 18 21:24:16 BST 2011

release built from mercurial gives the same results, only ditching out
the rabbitmq_managment plugin gets RabbitMQ to run (tested some
twitter streams against it)... and I don't see any big differences
between the one working perfectly and this one, could it be a secret
dependency somewhere?

I am ready to help as much as possible, and since the VM is empty, I
could even give access to it if needed

I could be the perfect noob at times, but I don't understand what's
going on (and Erlang being total abscon to me I don't know how to
debug it, even having played with ejabberd back in my teen years ;-) )
Though I'm sure I hit a bug, I'm just scared to have missed something
obvious and turn tomato-red-ashamed :-)

On Jul 18, 4:39 pm, Julien Banchet <j... at jaxx.org> wrote:
> Hello!
> [...]

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