[rabbitmq-discuss] [announce] amqp gem 0.7.2 is released

Michael Klishin michael.s.klishin at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 17:35:42 BST 2011

Ruby amqp gem 0.7.2 is released. This is a bugfix release, all 0.7.x users
are encouraged to ugprade.

The changelog:

  * [BUG] Server-named queues declared en masse now get their unique names
instead of all beign assigned the first generated name
  * [API] Connection URI (string) format for vhosts no longer assumes that
vhosts begin with a slash (/), learn more at http://bit.ly/mfzwcB
  * [BUG] Queue#reset leaks consumer tags [#40].
  * [API] Backport Channel#default_exchange from master
  * [API] Improve backwards compatibility with 0.6.x: implement & deprecate
MQ.id, MQ.default, MQ.method_missing
  * [BUG] Ensure Heartbeats are always on Channel 0


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