[rabbitmq-discuss] Integration of SAP XI with RabbitMQ

RishiDev rishdev at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 20:36:23 BST 2011


Our organization has SAP XI 7.0 systems which sends various messages
to other systems across the enterprise.
For better performance, reliability and message compression etc
abilities we are trying to move from ActiveMQ to RabbitMQ. Having SAP
XI talk to ActiveMQ was easy by using JMS type communication channel
configured in XI. I want to learn from the group, what is best &
recommended approach for SAPXI to Rabbit integration.

I know that we can use QPID (I haven't tried yet though) and get a JMS
kind of integration between SAPXI and Rabbit, but I would love it, if
we can have a pure AMQP base communication and avoid JMS.

I will appreciate any help for what approach and how (to follow) to
integrate SAPXI with Rabbit.

Thank you.

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