[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ: Implementing "Topic" feature of ActiveMQ via RabbitMQ.

GURPREET SINGH gurpreet.singh.cse08 at itbhu.ac.in
Fri Jul 8 11:42:54 BST 2011

What I require from usage of RabbitMQ is:
The producer produces messages and receiver receives *all* the messages,
which are published after the time it has first connected to the queue.

Since a consumer wants to consume all the messages published. Since, if more
than one consumer is connected to same queue, then consumers will not
receive all the messages.(Also, see
Hence, the consumer must create an *'exclusive'* queue and get connected to
the desired exchange. Also, it wants to receive all the messages which were
published even when it is down ( in the future). Hence the queue is *
'durable'*. Now, the scenario looks like :

A consumer C1 creates a queue Q1 which is exclusive and durable. Now it is
down for some time and in the meantime another user C2 tries to connect to
queue Q1. C2 will be successfull since, Q1 has now no subscriber connected
to it. So, C2 gets connected to the exclusive and durable queue. Now, if C1
tries to connect to queue Q1 it cannot do so, since already a consumer C2 is
subscribed to the queue Q1.

How one can prevent such scenario ?
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