[rabbitmq-discuss] No response to basic.consume

Shrikant Hanagodimath S shrikant.hanagodimath at tecnotree.com
Thu Jul 7 10:18:37 BST 2011


I had made a mistake while forming the basic.consume frame.
After careful debugging I've fixed it. :)

Thanks for your replies and support.


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On 07/07/11 10:11, Michael Klishin wrote:
> Shrikant Hanagodimath S escribió:
>> The negotiated protocol version is 0.9.0, currently server is not
>> responding to my basic.consume frame.
>> Could you please help me to get basic.consumeOK response from the
>> server.
> First thing to check is if you are setting noack to true. If you do,
> you are telling broker to not send you basic.consume-ok back.

You mean 'nowait'.


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