[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq-c amqp_exchange_declare missing parameter?

Lowell.Boggs at emc.com Lowell.Boggs at emc.com
Wed Jul 6 16:47:46 BST 2011

Hi,  I want to create an exchange in a program that is specific to each executable instance.  I assumed that there would be an "autoDelete" parameter to the amqp_exchange_declare function but there doesn't seem to be one.  Yet in the amqp_framing.h file there seems like there should be.   Near the top of the framing.h file, I see this:

#define AMQP_EXCHANGE_DECLARE_METHOD ((amqp_method_number_t) 0x0028000A) /* 40, 10; 2621450 */
typedef struct amqp_exchange_declare_t_ {
  uint16_t ticket;
  amqp_bytes_t exchange;
  amqp_bytes_t type;
  amqp_boolean_t passive;
  amqp_boolean_t durable;
  amqp_boolean_t auto_delete;   // <<=================
  amqp_boolean_t internal;
  amqp_boolean_t nowait;
  amqp_table_t arguments;
} amqp_exchange_declare_t;

But lower in the file when the function is actually defined, I see this:

RABBITMQ_EXPORT amqp_exchange_declare_ok_t *
amqp_exchange_declare(amqp_connection_state_t state,
                     amqp_channel_t channel,
                     amqp_bytes_t exchange,
                     amqp_bytes_t type,
                     amqp_boolean_t passive,
                     amqp_boolean_t durable,
                     amqp_table_t arguments);

Is this an oversite?  Is there an alternative way to declare an exchange that lets me pass the amqp_exchange_declare_t struct to some other function such that I can set the auto_delete flag?


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