[rabbitmq-discuss] Using BlockingConnection in Pika

Joshua Braegger rckclmbr at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 21:50:23 BST 2011


I'm looking at the Pika documentation, and it's mentioning that using
BlockingConnection is deprecated.  The alternative is to use an
asynchronous model like SelectConnection.  This works fairly well for
consumers, but producing one-off messages leaves more to be desired.
BlockingConnection satisfies the case fairly well -- Create a global
connection, send many messages, close the connection.  It gets hairy
when attempting to work asynchronously within a synchronous
application.  Especially given the fact I want to use the "mandatory"
flag, and know when any message fails to be enqueued in a synchronous

Are there any best practices to doing this?  Is the answer to just use

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