[rabbitmq-discuss] Message management in a cluster

Max C maxence.cordier at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 13:53:40 BST 2011


I have a question regarding message transmission in a cluster.

Let's assume that I have a RabbitMQ cluster made up of 3 nodes : N1,
N2, N3.
A sensor is connected to N1 and publish messages to an exchange E.
A client wanting to get the messages published by the the sensors is
connected to N3 and is subscribed to E exchange.

I would like to know how the messages are transmitted in the cluster.
I mean, is the cluster going to use only the N1-N3 link to send the
messages to the client, that is to say, the shortest path between the
two nodes ?  Or, is it going to use different paths to not overload a
specific one (N1-N2 -> N2-N3) ?

Cheers, Max.

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