[rabbitmq-discuss] Reordering on requeue

Jiri Krutil jiri at krutil.com
Mon Jul 4 07:35:15 BST 2011

> > Will a requeued message be pushed back onto the queue tail or will it
> > stay at the head?
> It will go to the tail. We are considering changing that behaviour for 
> channel/connection closure and basic.recover{requeue=true}, but 
> basic.reject/nack will likely stay as they are.

I asked because I was wondering if there is a way in rabbit how to
emulate read-only queue browsing, as supported by Qpid. (I think they
support it because they are so JMS-like.)

I guess currently this can only be done in rabbit using the management
plugin? And should not be used for regular processing, but only for
ad-hoc monitoring?

I understand queue browsing is not in AMQP standard, but a Qpid
extension, correct?

What about the message ordering on reject - I assume the specs does not
say where should a requeued message appear on the queue?


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