[rabbitmq-discuss] Pika and multi-threading

Gavin M. Roy gmr at myyearbook.com
Wed Feb 23 15:37:18 GMT 2011

2011/2/23 Denis Conan <Denis.Conan at telecom-sudparis.eu>

> Le 23/02/2011 16:28, Gavin M. Roy a écrit :
>> The one for the treatment of delivered messages that was registered in a
>> basic_consume.
Not sure of the use case for that, does channel.basic_cancel() not do what
you want?

      def basic_cancel(self, consumer_tag, nowait=False, callback=None):
        Pass in the consumer tag to cancel a basic_consume request with. The
        consumer_tag is optionally passed to basic_consume as a parameter and
        it is always returned by the Basic.ConsumeOk frame. For more
        information see:

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