[rabbitmq-discuss] Naming RabbitMQ nodes with complete domain names

Max Bridgewater max.bridgewater at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 02:51:59 GMT 2011


This is probably a silly question but it really baffles me right now.
The original issue is this: I'm trying to use JInterface to connect to
a rabbitmq cluster hosted on EC2. But I keep getting "Cannot connect
to peer node". My understanding is that this error is happening
because I'm using the address 'rabbit at domain.org' to contact the
remote RabbitMQ node named: rabbit at domain. (Note the missing TLD).
That is, because there is no exact  match between the node name given
to JInterface and the name of the node it is connecting to, the
connection fails.

I desperately tried configuring RabbitMQ to take the complete domain
name (domain.org) instead of just the short domain name (domain). Any
suggestion on how to resolve this issue?

Beyond this, this problem begs the question of how do RabbitMQ nodes
located on different machines across different domains communicate
with each other if the only way they can be referred to each other by
short name? Up until now, I've only clustered nodes on the same

I'm sure missing something. Please enlighten me.


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