[rabbitmq-discuss] Message redelivering doubt with one and with more than one consumers.

Alfonso Pantoja alfonso.pantoja at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 14:27:44 GMT 2011

Thank you very much Alex.

It is always very interesting (and useful) to know how external
commands affects to the server behavior :)



2011/2/15 Alexandru Scvorţov <alexandru at rabbitmq.com>:

> It depends.  For instance, from the broker's point of view, there's no
> difference in overhead between un-ack'd messages and undelivered
> messages.  Rejecting{requeue=false} and ack'ing messages will free up
> some RAM and some disk space.
> It's probably good practice to tell the broker what it should do with
> the messages as soon as possible, but it doesn't matter that much.  If
> the broker starts running out of RAM, it will write more messages to
> disk.  If it's really running low on RAM, it will throttle publishers.

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