[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq-c and amqp_send_frame_to

mike castleman m at mlcastle.net
Wed Feb 16 01:49:13 GMT 2011


As previously mentioned, I'm trying to abuse the C librabbitmq in order
to develop an AMQP application in an event-based manner.

Tony Garnock-Jones' rais project has been helpful here, but it seems
that in order to send frames to an output buffer, it makes use of the
amqp_send_frame_to() function. However, it looks like[1] this function
has been eliminated from librabbitmq last October.

Is there any chance of amqp_send_frame_to() coming back? Or is there any
other suggested way to make librabbitmq construct a frame without
immediately sending it onto the socket?

It is possible that for our application the frames are generally going
to be small, so we might only call amqp_send_frame() when the socket is
ready for writing and hope that the send() call inside there won't ever
block (or return EWOULDBLOCK). But this seems fragile, to say the least.

thanks a lot,


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