[rabbitmq-discuss] Is the C client a show-stopper for rabbit?

Jiri Krutil jiri at krutil.com
Tue Feb 15 15:51:46 GMT 2011

>>> What's the typical fanout ratio going to be?
>> Between 1 : 1000 and 1 : 5000.
> So if the ingress is, eg, 3,000 mps, the egress might be 3,000,000?
> That seems high.

Yeah, that's really a lot, but it probably won't be that much. It's  
hard to estimate these things, because the inbound messages that  
appear very often usually have lower fanout ratio. It is not easy to  
estimate this precisely right now.

If the egress would be too high, we could:
- limit the ingress to some extent (reduce price update rate)
- reduce parallelism of the calculation, resulting in fewer consumers  
and lower fanout ratio

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