[rabbitmq-discuss] Is the C client a show-stopper for rabbit?

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Here at Deutsche Boerse there are big plans for a brand new realtime risk 
management system. The project is very ambitious as to the requied 
performance and of course it must be bullet-proof robust, reliable, 
fault-tolerant, etc.

It seems that this will require a message broker of some sort. AMQP could 
have a good chance since it has already been adopted here for two other 

I would personally like RabbitMQ, but I think that Apache Qpid will be a 
strong competitor, because:

1. It has a C++ broker which should supposedly be faster than Erlang. I 
personaly don't think that C++ always means faster, but some people here 
2. It seems to care better for its C/C++ clients than RabbitMQ. And most 
of the clients will be C/C++.
3. The fact that the latest Qpid Java JMS client is a disaster will 
probably not bother anyone around here too much.

So my questions are:

- Are there some performance benchmarks available comparing RabbitMQ to 
- Is the RabbitMQ C client mature enough to be used for such job?
- What limitations does the C client have compared to the Java client?
- Is there a chance that the C client would become officially supported?

I'm afraid the last one might be a show-stopper as I think it would not be 
acceptable around here to use something marked as experimental in 

I'm not sure how many people are considering to use AMQP from C or C++, 
but I guess there must be enough of them for RabbitMQ to consider 
supporting them officially. At least in finance C/C++ still seems to be 
used quite a lot.


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