[rabbitmq-discuss] New Open source AMQP implementation, problems with integrating using different langauges

finn colman finncolman at yahoo.co.nz
Mon Feb 7 23:17:08 GMT 2011

Hi there.
I have a python program that talks to a rabbit MQ server using its own library. 
On my end I am running Robin's AMQP PHP 
library,https://github.com/BraveSirRobin/amqphp to connect to the Rabbit MQ 
server. I can submit a message to the queue and the python side can read it, but 
if the python side submits a message to the queue and the PHP side tries to 
consume it I am getting an Exception thrown from inside amqp.wire.php: 
"Unexpected message property flags".
This is happening because the strlen($binFlags) is evaluating to 0 in this case. 
If I run it using PHP submitted messages then it correctly evaliuates to a 
length of 16.
The binary flags is 1100000000000000(49152) for a PHP suibmitted message read 
off the queue, but it is 0 for the message read off the queue that was put there 
by python.
What is causing this? Also what do these flags really represent.
As a temporary work around I have managed to get the code to read the message by 
simply commenting out these three lines of code that check this binary flags 


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