[rabbitmq-discuss] event-based use of the RabbitMQ C library

mike castleman m at mlcastle.net
Sat Feb 5 20:13:29 GMT 2011

hi list,

I'm looking at using RabbitMQ and the C library for a project.

In all three of the consumer examples provided with the C library
(amqp_consumer.c, amqp_listen.c, amqp_listenq.c), it seems like
consuming messages blocks on calling amqp_simple_wait_frame().

Is there any way we can select(2) on something or otherwise be notified
when a message is ready to be received?

As far as I can tell, just select()ing on the socket is not sufficient,
because if amqp_simple_wait_frame() reads a partial frame, it will still

Are there examples anywhere of event-driven uses of the RabbitMQ C
library which send and receive on different channels on the same
connection based on some kind of external events?

Thanks a lot,

mike castleman
mailto:m at mlcastle.net

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