[rabbitmq-discuss] Mgmt plug-in on 2.3.0

Paul Pearcy paul.pearcy at wallst.com
Thu Feb 3 00:11:11 GMT 2011

Hey Matt,
  Many thanks for the quick response. You can take a look at the log files here:

When I initially brought things up, I had a 2.2 Java client connecting which may have caused some of the errors. I updated my app to the 2.3 client and received what appeared to be the same behavior. 


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Hi Paul,

On Wed, Feb 02, 2011 at 06:51:43PM -0500, Paul Pearcy wrote:
> Any ideas where I could have gone wrong? I do see a decent number of errors now in my logs that I don't understand that are probably the true underlying cause, but am just guessing. I can send these details, if needed.

The logs (probably send off list if they're massive) are likely to be
very useful in helping us diagnose this. There's nothing obvious to me
in the details your provide to pinpoint the problem.

Many thanks,

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